Using social media can be an effective strategy to drive more traffic to your site. However, if you simply post a few messages and then wait for the magic to happen, you could be waiting indefinitely. To successfully increase traffic to your site, you need to be proactive about when and how you promote your site’s content on social media. There’s a fine line between aggressively spamming your followers and adding value by sharing consistently. The latter strategy will lead to greater returns on your social media marketing efforts. The goal is to get more clicks and shares. Social media is effective at achieving results in this area. Here’s some tips to help you pull it off.

Share More Than Once

One social media share is a quiet voice in a boisterous crowd. Very few people will actually see the first Tweet or Facebook post you send out. So, the answer is simple: you need to promote the content multiple times.

The most savvy social media marketers use this strategy. It might seem that multiple posts would be annoying to your followers, but most of the time, your followers will rarely see both posts. Reposting is actually a good thing for your followers who would be interested in the content, as it provides them with additional opportunities to discover and access it.

Design a Posting Schedule

Be strategic with the timing of your content. You may be enthusiastic about getting out the message, but the timing needs to be controlled or you risk being redundant. Sending posts too close together is spamming. Instead, publish your posts on each social media platform on a well-timed schedule.

It’s recommended to put out one post per day for several days to promote a piece of new content. Then send out a few more posts the following week. If the same content is still relevant a month later or more, publish a few more messages about it occasionally thereafter. The schedule ensures that you aren’t over-posting the content, but you aren’t neglecting to distribute it widely to all of your followers. The spacing makes it more likely that people who’ve seen the content, but maybe haven’t accessed it yet, will hover their mouse and click.

Promote Content with Unique Posts

While you’re going to be promoting your website content multiple times, the message should be different with each social media post. It doesn’t have to vary greatly, but keep in mind that too much repetition will make it look like you have nothing more to say on it. Framing the same content in a different light will give your subscribers a new perspective on it. Not all of your readers are looking for the same things. Plan to create a series of social media posts that target different users who would get slightly different value from your content.

There are several ways you can mix up your posts without spending too much extra time on it. Both the message itself and the format are considerations. When targeting a specific audience, cater the message to their interests and goals, taking into account the voice and tone of what you post. You can choose to ask your subscribers a question, include quotes from the content itself, write a teaser, or give a straightforward plug. These efforts keep your social media account from becoming monotonous and maintain the freshness of the content you’re promoting.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Any time you change your social media strategy, even just a little, you should closely monitor what happens afterward. Check your analytics for a rise or fall in shares, retweets, clicks, and other data that will tell you whether the change was positive or negative. Another indicator is any feedback sent directly to you by your followers. You can expect that if you posted consistently on a schedule without spamming, your reach increased. If you got different results, take the data into account to determine what to change. It may just need more time.

Stick With It

In order to achieve any goal, you have to put in the work. For a social media marketer, that means being persistent and deliberate with your posts and reposts. If you want to get more clicks and views, you have to stay with it. Stick to the social promotion schedule that you develop, even if you don’t notice a major change right away. All it takes for a post to go viral is one share that gets shared again and again. That one extra post could make all the difference.

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