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We specialize in generating qualified B2B Leads for individuals and small businesses.

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What We Do?

For the past 4 years we have been perfecting a B2B lead generation strategy for individuals and businesses through the use of LinkedIn and Social Selling. It TRULY works!


How It Works?

Our customized strategy will make sure that you stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn, and place you in direct contact with REAL decision makers for your products and services.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the B2B leads you receive are pre-qualified and interested in your products and services. You can be assured that each person will be READY and WILLING to speak to you.

We Offer 100% Satisfaction, With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee On Our Service!

I’ve been working with Strong Social for more than 3 years and the service and expertise has been excellent. My social media presence has grown tremendously, and I still continue to receive a steady flow of leads from LinkedIn after so many years. I highly recommend Strong Social for any size company looking to grow their business online.  Wess Walters

Owner, Marketing Massive

The Strong Social team had helped me to grow my personal brand and social media audience very effectively over the past 2 years. After seeing the results for myself, I decided to launch my own agency and offer their same Lead Generation service to my business network. I am always confident to outsource the work to Strong Social because I know the that they will take the time to learn about each person in as much detail as possible, and deliver great results every time. I could not ask for a better partnership that the one I have found with Strong Social. Narissa Singh

Founder & CEO, WeCan Strategies





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