How’s your lead generation? 78% of B2B Marketers stated that lead generation is their greatest challenge.

Not surprising if we consider how much things have changed in the marketing sector over the last few years. One of those changes is social media. Over the past 10 years social media has become a key topic for B2B marketers indeed in the Institute of Direct Marketing’s B2B Barometer report from July 2014 it was voted the 2nd most important trend with 45% of companies surveyed planning to increase their spending on it.

It seems that Lead Generation and Social Media are both strong forces competing for attention, priority and of course Budget! So how do we make that investment pay? For example producing leads for the sales team? The last few years has also seen a large increase in social media consultants, companies and management software however you don’t need to fork out thousand s to get your social media generating those all-important leads. This quick fire guide will show you how to produce more leads from your Social Media activity.

The first thing to understand is that like all digital marketing social media can only take you so far, at some point someone will have to pick up the phone or email the potential lead. It’s not a magic solution to generating more leads with no input or activity.

Here are some of the tips we utilise when using social media to support our Lead Generation campaigns:

More can be more! One account may not be enough. Your company account should be the PR outlet for the business and inform other people, companies and prospects about what is happening it is not necessarily suitable for interacting directly with individuals. However it should be used to drive traffic to your website or landing pages allowing you to present your message, service or proposition directly.

Hot Tip – prospects on your website are akin to you and I walking into a store, we’re there to buy so engaging your audience here is critical, downloads that capture their details, web tracking and chat to start that conversation can dramatically increase your conversions.

Remember people do business with people so make sure your sales and marketing department are well briefed on how social media works and what networks are most suitable for your business.

Be selective with who you follow and connect with. As a rule try and connect directly with people and not just companies as this will allow you to build personal relationships.

Check your social networks daily but be careful not to get distracted by posts that aren’t relevant to you. This is where creating a good social media feed is important as you should only receive those updates that are relevant to your business and prospect base. Similarly your prospects will subscribe and engage with your feed if it’s relevant – stay on top of your content to boost your lead volumes.

Spot the signs! Keep an eye on feeds from peoples accounts and be ready to respond with an appropriate reply. For example if someone posts that they are attending an event and you are as well offer to meet up for a coffee or invite them to your stand. If you have their contact details get in touch and take the conversation to the next level, you’ve just created a lead!

If you have a view on content posted in your network respond and offer an opinion. This is a great way to demonstrate authority and can lead directly to someone asking for your help.

Be contactable! The number of people who do not include business email addresses or phone numbers on social media platforms when they are trying to generate interest is unbelievable. If you want the lead give them the ability to contact you!

Remember social media is just one weapon in our arsenal as B2B marketers and often it is just a link in a chain of tactics to generate leads. Starting sales conversations via social media or in any way is vital however at some point in the process it will require the human touch, after all people buy from people.


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