Wondering how you can create more meaningful connections with your Twitter followers? Worried that your followers may start unfollowing you? Asking yourself how you can gain your Twitter followers’ loyalty?

To build better relationships with your Twitter followers and avoid the dreaded unfollow, here are 7 tips to help you.

1. Turn off automation. Turn on authenticity.

Do you remember that time when tons of people lost their tweeting ability because Twitter thought they were all robots?

It’s no secret that plenty of businesses run automated campaigns on Twitter. We get that putting together Twitter content can be time-consuming, and maybe you’ve found yourself completely out of ideas on what to tweet. And you probably think that your carefully crafted tweets that have been automated and scheduled won’t set off the spam alarm for not only Twitter but your followers.

However, if you want to develop loyalty in your following, then you should be putting efforts into real tweets in real time about relevant topics. Your followers probably know the difference between an automated sales tweet vs. a real person who is interested in starting a real conversation anyway.

You may be worried about coming off wrong, miscommunicating, or even making a fool of yourself. While that may be turning very few people off, it might actually make your followers more loyal to you and your brand because they can relate to your “realness.”

When you know what is important to you and your customers, you’ll instinctively know what type of tweets will attract your most loyal customers.

2. Make the first move.

You don’t always have to wait to be tagged or get a mention to participate in a conversation.

Why not be the one to initiate and get your followers talking? Ask questions. Find ways to get engaged. Show that you are interested in what others have to say. Prove that you are not just on Twitter trying to sell something.

Think of approaching your followers the same way you would if you were meeting people at a party. To be interesting, you first need to be interested.

On Twitter, this means seeing what others are talking about, joining a conversation. Segment who you want to talk to by creating Twitter Lists. Your segments can be made up of clients, potential customers, and influencers.

Here’s how to create a Twitter List:

  1.    Click on your profile photo
  2.    Select Lists
  3.    Click Create New List
  4.    Give your list a name
  5.    Set it to Private
  6.    Click Save List

To add someone to your list:

  1.    Click the gear icon on their profile
  2.    Select Add or Remove From Lists

3. Make it personal with Twitter Video

Studies have shown that a post that has a strong visual is more likely to get shared. One of the most attention-grabbing visuals is a video.

Twitter Video Reply is an effective way of making your responses personal. When you put your voice and your face on your tweets, it really adds that human element that your followers will relate to. And because no one is consistently doing this on Twitter yet, you’ll stand out.

A video reply would make any customer feel valued. Feeling taken care of as a client results in brand loyalty. Your customer knows that their concern was addressed on a personal level, more importantly, they weren’t being replied to using 1 of the possible 20 scripted customer service responses.

Sending a Twitter Video Reply is just as easy as sending a tweet. Here’s how:

  1.    Open the Twitter app
  2.    Tap the camera button
  3.    Select Video
  4.    Tap and hold the record button to start recording and release it to stop recording
  5.    Hit Done
  6.    Write a tweet to go with the video
  7.    Send

4. Don’t give your followers reasons to unfollow you.

There’s no sense in building a Twitter following by starting strong, and once you have numbers you are happy with suddenly slack in consistency.

Try not to fill your feed with retweets or repeat old news because you’ve become too lazy to come up with something unique and creative. And don’t just take up space by filling all 140 characters with popular hashtags and @ signs.

5. Be follow-worthy.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t be tweeting, maintain your follower’s loyalty by being worthy of their attention. It’s been studied that tweets were considered “worth the read” if they were informative, funny, useful, and exciting.

If funny or witty doesn’t come naturally to you, at least be informative. Maybe you have an educated opinion on something that was on the news lately or can provide more information on the topic.

6. Make Friends, Not Fans

So many brands and celebrities have discovered the power of treating their followers as friends by treating a select few to a freebie the next time they visit their store or even sending them gifts.

You may not yet have the same capacity to go giving away stuff or showing up at your followers’ houses to surprise them, but you can certainly do other things via Twitter that real friends do for each other.

Real friends react to each other, congratulate one another on promotions, send birthday greetings, and even offer support when they express they are having a particularly rough day.

7. Turn on your Direct Messages

There a lot of customers who don’t want their queries to be put out there for all of Twittersphere to read. So make sure that your direct message feature is turned on to allow any of your followers to send you a direct message.

It may be time-consuming for you to have to reply to every Twitter DM in your inbox but your customers deserve personalized, private discussions.


The common factor for all these tips is that your followers will respond to you more if you show them your human side. You will gain their loyalty when you engage in authentic discussions in real time while proving that you aren’t just on Twitter to make a sale but to have genuine conversations and meaningful interactions.

If you agree with these tips and have anything else to add or would like more ideas on how you can gain your Twitter follower loyalty, feel free to get in touch with us here.