Are you looking for new B2B lead generation strategies? It may be time to consider LinkedIn, if you haven’t already. This professional networking platform offers powerful, built-in tools for finding, contacting, and converting sales leads.

If you’re ready to ramp up your sales strategies with LinkedIn, keep reading. The following five tips will help you and your team make the most of this potent but often untapped resource.

1. Create a lead generation system

Before you can start building leads through LinkedIn, you must first create a system for confirming the identities and titles of leads, and then begin to categorize them by location, industry, endorsements, activity, etc.

Also make sure to establish a set of best practices, such as regularly connecting with industry-specific groups and customizing your sales approaches on a company-by-company basis.

2. Keep up with customers and prospects

As soon as you add new LinkedIn contacts, whether they’re prospects or current customers, it’s important to start following them immediately and encourage your staff to do the same. Keeping up with the latest goings-on at your clients’ and prospects’ companies can provide valuable information. A company or individual in your contact list may be undertaking a new project, for example, or working with vendors that could benefit from your services.

3. Keep up with your competitors

Following your competitors can be just as informative as following your customers and prospects, if not more so. You certainly don’t want to do anything unethical, but performing periodic searches to see who competitors are working with and what they’re doing can help keep you on the competitive edge.

4. Be creative in your searches

When using LinkedIn to search for potential leads, make sure to look for opportunities in unexpected places. By using the “people” search field to look for companies or by checking out the previous employers of current business contacts and clients, for example, you can quickly double your contact list rather than hitting a brick wall.

5. Use LinkedIn to find old contacts

In addition to the above sales strategies, LinkedIn is also excellent for rebuilding old contact lists. If many of your prospects and former customers have switched jobs or are otherwise nowhere to be found, LinkedIn can typically help you find them without doing a lot of research. Keep in mind that users are notified when you view their profile.

With these simple tips in mind, LinkedIn could easily become an integral part of your B2B lead generation wheelhouse.