When did you last look at what you had written in your Twitter bio? Is your Twitter bio interesting, informative, and if possible, entertaining? Your Twitter bio is pretty much your best opportunity to address potential followers, introduce them to your business, let them know why they should follow you, and to really stand out.

You only get 160 characters to do this. So be brief and use your words wisely. Every letter needs to count.

Check out these five key tips to impress followers and take your Twitter bio to the next level:

1. Tell who you are or what you do.

People will want to follow you on Twitter because of who you are and what you actually do. So, even though it’s cool to be creative and sound clever, you also need to be accurate with your bio and differentiate yourself from others in your field.

Keep your message crisp, interesting, as well as informative.



2. Use your strategic keywords.

Google will be scanning your Twitter bio, so in order to improve search visibility you need to include your business’ primary keywords.

Think about what your target audience is searching for and incorporate those words to make your business description attention-grabbing.

Also, make sure that your bio is connected to other important facets of your identity. Include a hashtag, or add an outbound link to your website, or blog, if that’s the content you will mostly tweet about.



3. Share your interests, or what you believe in.

Make your bio intriguing for those who see it. Share some interesting facts and features about yourself. This can make your bio inviting to follow.

Also it can be a great conversation starter. If they share your interests, they will likely follow you.



4. Add an accomplishment.

The aim of a Twitter bio is to get followed.

Your Twitter bio needs to be about you, it needs to communicate the value that you can provide to the community. This includes mentioning your accomplishments as well.

If you have written a book or won an award then you should include it in your bio.



5. Be funny. Tell a joke in your bio.

Good sense of humour is always attractive. Little laughs will get people on Twitter to connect with you emotionally, to remember, and recommend you.

However be careful. You want to make sure that you don’t offend or disrespect someone with your joke.



Try out these tips include in your Twitter bio, and share some of your own ideas to discuss them in the comments.

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