6 Tips to Increase Social Media Shares

For some, trying to figure out social media is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Once they get the hang of Twitter, there’s a new update on LinkedIn that needs to be addressed. It’s not easy to master the art of social media and it’s definitely not a walk in the park to generate leads from it.


There are different best practices for each social media network, but there are some tips that apply across all platforms that help increase social media lead generation.


4 ways to increase your social media lead generation


1. Identify your buyer persona

There are many people that use social media on a daily basis, so don’t get caught up in conversations that will not provide your business with meaningful results. Make sure you are sharing content that your persona would find interest in and to be sure that you are interacting with your target audience.


If you are unsure who your buyer persona is, create a fictional character with your team on what your ideal customer would look like. Some questions to address consist of:

  • What do they like to do in their free time?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What are their biggest challenges they face?



2. Listen and communicate

Don’t shout and broadcast your information on social media. It’s important to make it a two way street where you are not only pumping out relevant content for your buyer persona, but you are also listening and engaging with your prospects. Don’t be afraid to be friendly and conversational. People are on social media to connect and build relationships. Interacting on social media helps expand your brand’s reach and help’s increase your lead generation.


Some ways to interact with your prospects is to get involved in groups. For LinkedIn, create a group or join an existing one that is relevant to your area of expertise so you are able to interact accordingly. For Twitter, take advantage of the hash tag and join conversations that surround a hash tag around a subject that is relevant to your business. For more information on the various social media networks, read our blog here on social media best practices. 




3. Don’t be on every social media network

It’s a big misconception that your business must be on ever new social media network that rolls out or else get left behind. However, not every social media platform will bring you leads because every network attracts different demographics. If you want qualified leads, you need to pinpoint your focus to the right social media networks.


For instance, if you are targeting an older generation, then it wouldn’t be beneficial for your company to get on Snap Chat because that’s not where your buyer persona is hanging out. If your customers aren’t on Pinterest, for example then why waste time pinning pictures? Be where your customers are and on the social media sites that best suit your company.



4. Be consistent

The only way for you to know what’s working and what’s not is to be consistent with your strategy. If you are tweeting 10 times per day, for instance then keep doing it. Don’t randomly change it up because you won’t be able to measure your progress and it also confuses your visitors. You won’t see results if you don’t stick to your plan. See how social media can affect your business in this blog, The Surreal Marketing Impact Of Social Media.