What makes people engage on Facebook? What posts receive the most interactions? How can you get more more likes, comments, and shares on your posts?

There are plenty of questions when it comes to Facebook, and it’s not always clear on the best way to approach your strategy, since the FB algorithm has changed so much over the past few years.

Here we have compiled 10 ways to help increase engagement and reach on your Facebook page:

Get their attention

The secret to getting people to interact with your Facebook posts is to create compelling content. The post needs to stand out in the news feed by being amusing, informative, witty, news-related, or anything so unique that your audience can’t help but interact and ultimately, share it. Usually this starts with a great image since that is the first thing that most people will see as they are scrolling through their feed.

And once they have seen it, they will continue to dig further by clicking on the link or checking out your comments and join the conversation. 

Mix it up

Your page will get more visibility and encourage more engagement if you were to post a mix of content. Your content doesn’t always need to be limited to just photos, graphics or text statuses, but a combination of each of these is best.

Videos are also currently getting the most reach on FB, and if you have the resources or time to create videos we highly recommend to come up with a regular video posting strategy.

Make videos worth watching even with the sound off.

Design video that is understandable even without the sound on. Because Facebook is on autopilot, you can capture your audience immediately, even without the audio by making videos that are visually engaging and complemented with captions.

Many people go through their Facebook feeds in public venues and have the common sense not to turn up the sound when viewing videos. To ensure that your audience will consume your content no matter where they are, make videos that are just as captivating with or without sound.

Broadcast on Facebook Live

Videos are great, but it’s not always so easy to shoot one. Instead, use Facebook Live more regularly. To get the best results, plan out when you intend to broadcast and what you plan to share with your audience.

Give your followers a reason to tune into your Facebook Live video broadcasts. If you are entertaining, inspiring, and exciting enough, your audience will become your fan base who will look forward to your live feeds.

Post at the right time

Do you wonder why some of your Facebook posts seem to get more attention than the others despite being the same quality?

You’ve probably posted those during a time when there is the more Facebook traffic for your audience. There are peak times when most people are going through their Facebook feeds like after work, during lunch, and on the weekends, and we are even seeing that later in the evenings tend to get better engagement than any days posts. This is because during the day people are more distracted by work and other daily activities.

If you feel that you have posted a great piece of content and are surprised that it didn’t get as much attention as it should have, try reposting it during a “peak hour.”

Yes, it is entirely acceptable to reuse content but don’t just share an old post; publish it as a new one. Remember to make sure that your post has content that is still relevant.

Bear in mind that it makes complete sense to publish posts right away if they are time-sensitive and relate to a current event for your business.

Check out the competition

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see how other companies in your industry or even ones from others are running their pages.

Find inspiration. If you see that certain posts have received a lot of likes, comments, and shares, consider using this type of content in your future posts.

Lead traffic to your Facebook from other sources

Use your other social networks to drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Urge your Twitter followers to join the conversation on Facebook by tweeting an invitation with a link to your page. The same can be done on your Instagram account, your website, and blog.

By embedding your Facebook posts on your blog, you can increase visibility to your Facebook page. When your Facebook content appears on your blog, your readers can click on your embedded Facebook post and have the ability to like, comment, and share.

Invite your audience to participate

Not only should your content be worthy of being shared, but it should be inviting enough for people to want to engage. Sometimes all you need to do is ask!

Your content should include a call to action. If you post relevant and current content, then your audience is more likely to interact, such as posts on the latest trends or current events.

Ask your audience how they feel about a hot topic or something that has been all over the news lately. Post a question that will get your community talking.

Share and engage

When you share your fans’ content, you may get a share in return.

Show your followers some love by commenting on their posts and occasionally joining their conversations. Prove to your audience that you are just as interested and engaged by sharing interesting content from followers or even other businesses.


Have fun! Yes, having a strategy of what and when to post are all vital to driving traffic to your business and getting people to engage on your Facebook. But there’s no harm in throwing the occasional curveball to keep things entertaining and your audience guessing what you will do next.


Facebook news feed algorithm is designed so that your audience will see content they are more likely to engage with.

With just a few adjustments in what you share, when you share, and how you share, you are sure to end up on the top of your audience’s Facebook feeds.

If you feel you need help with your Facebook exposure strategy or would like to chat further on the topic feel free to contact us here.